Kawacom Hellas is right by your side on your every business step in your coffee journey. With strict adherence to the quality standards of the Ipanema Farm, we have a team of fully qualified and specialized baristas teaching theoretical and practical seminars  that cover the coffee journey from bean to cup.

Training takes place in a modern-industrial 150 square meters space. The seminar room is equipped with 4x professional 3 group espresso machines, easily & efficiently simultaneously training our associates. There is also a separate Brewing bar available and a specialized presentation of various coffee accessories like drippers, cold brew towers, syphons, etc.

Seminars are divided according to knowledge levels and tailor made needs. Specifically:

Barista Basic Seminar

Duration: 2 days

Seminar Hours: 6 hours (10:30-16:30)

Break: 30 minutes

Day 1: Basic theory around coffee  and grain analysis . Information about Kawacom and Ipanema and how to store and preserve coffee . Further information on cleaning and maintenance of coffee equipment (professional machine and grinder) .

Day 2: Preparation of all coffee-related beverages and a questionnaire of 30 questions in 20 minutes .

Day 3: Training and examination on coffee grinder adjustment and in preparation of cappuccino and machinery clean-up in 15 minutes.

Barista Advanced Seminar

Duration: 1 day

Seminar Hours: 6 hours (10:30-16:30)

Break: 30 mins

Training in processing coffee and varieties. Cleaning and adjusting grinder blades. Further espresso analysis and cupping of different coffees according to SCAE and SCAA

Latte Art Seminar

Duration: 2 days

Seminar Hours: 6 hours (10:30-16:30)

Break: 30 min

Day 1: Theory on milk and latte art practice.

Day 2: Training and answering a questionnaire of 20 inquiries.

Brewing Seminar

Duration: 2 days

Seminar Hours: 6 hours (10:30-16:30)

Break: 30 min

Day 1: Detailed analysis on coffee varieties, development processes, water qualities and grinding settings. Finishing with a cupping of 3 different coffees.

Day 2: Brewing with the four most common extraction methods (Tiamo dripper, Chemex, Aeropress and Syphon) while measuring the results with the TDS system.

Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

As a member of SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe), Kawacom Hellas actively participates in all of SCAE actions for continuous improvement and upgrading of coffee quality. Specifically, SCAE undertakes extensive research programs, organizing parallel visits to plantations and factories, educational seminars for all levels & kinds of coffee professions and runs national and international barista & coffee competitions.

SCAE also offers recognized training certifications through its SCAE Authorized Training centers.