Taking into account constant developments and upcoming market trends and demands, Kawacom Hellas has added to its portfolio important exclusive dealerships of coffee machines for Greece and Cyprus.

Iberital was founded in 1940 in Spain as a producer of spare parts for espresso machines. With 70 years of experience and active presence in over 60 countries worldwide, IBERITAL  has a broad knowledge about the inside of each and every machine, about where to find the problem, and about how to make machines that are more robust, efficient and sustainable.

All models are handmade and designed by local designers in order to offer stability and flexibility giving baristas the best possible coffee extraction in the form of a functional, durable machine, with a great design at a great price.

Available models are the IB7, Intenz, New Iberital and Expression.

Kawacom Hellas is the official representative of the leading and innovative hand-made machines espresso Kees Van der Westen. They are recognized worldwide for their design, simplicity & durability and have become symbols of art and innovation in the coffee world.

The company was founded in 1984 in the Netherlands , where it remains a unique boutique workshop where a handful of professionals are striving for perfection to build the best espresso machine possible

Available models are the Speedster, Mirage and Spirit.

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