Countless journeys, countless experiences,
one single passion…

In a nutshell, this is the way we would describe the progress so far of a group of people who, in 2004, took the big decision to move to Greece and get professionally involved professionally with what they enjoy most in everyday life: a delicious cup of quality espresso.

…our special relationship with coffee…

Travelling for the last 40 years between Europe, Africa and Latin America, we have been involved in all stages of production, trade and distribution of coffee. We have had the opportunity to follow the evolution of the coffee market at first hand and develop a passionate relationship with this enticing product.

…which gave birth to Kawacom Hellas…

It all began in 2004 with our personal love for espresso. Devoting ourselves to developing a commercial company specialized in importing and distributing coffee, to satisfy even the most demanding consumer needs.

Within this framework, leveraging on our personal passion for espresso, we devoted ourselves in 2004 to developing a coffee distribution company targeted at satisfying even the most demanding professionals. Thus, Kawacom Hellas was born, as the exclusive distributor of 100% Arabica Ipanema espresso for the Greek market.

A close associate of the Brazilian Ipanema Farm – one of the largest coffee farms in the world – Kawacom Hellas currently offers through its extensive distribution network a wide portfolio of product solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca. business.

 …and it expanded even further…

Starting with the internationally accredited 100% Arabica Ipanema Espresso, recommended by Farm Ipanema for a truly excellent cup of coffee with a creamy, balanced body, low acidity, rich aroma and a sweet aftertaste of orange & honey, Kawacom Hellas family grew steadily, incorporating new members. Today, after eight years of business success in the Greek market, Kawacom Hellas is one of the most trusted partners in the field of coffee distribution for professional mass catering, serving more than 1,500 active points of sale throughout Greece.


More than 800 product codes with multiple daily orders,  covering the whole of Attica and Greece through our distribution partners. Yet we manage perfectly! The secret of our success: flexibility, speed, reliability and consistency. In short: our team….a group that stands out!

Every day , our whole team is at your disposal to ensure that your coffee shop gets exactly what you need. With just one phone call at 210 9235002-4, you can get – apart from Ipanema Espresso – many other products such as Greek coffee and filter, single-origin varieties, tea, chocolate, flavor syrups, fruit purees, coffee accessories and various other coffee supplementary products etc.

Kawacom Hellas is right by your side on your every business step in your coffee journey. With strict adherence to the quality standards of the Ipanema Farm, we have a team of fully qualified and specialized baristas teaching theoretical and practical seminars  that cover the coffee journey from bean to cup.

Kawacom Hellas has a perfectly equipped technical department , staffed by highly experienced technicians. Tech. department undertakes:

  • extensive maintenance of all coffee equipment ( professional coffee machines, professional grinders , professional water filters etc. )
  • immediate damage repairs
  • assembly and development of special custom-made coffee machines