Kawa Coffees

For us, the search for the best coffee never ends.

We make sure to give you an honest evaluation and review of our coffee’s flavor potential, roasting the coffee beans with diverse profiles, prioritizing taste over color and delivering the coffee within just a few days from roasting to ensure freshness.


We are creative and simply passionate about coffee.

What more does it take for a truly outstanding cup?


From the South American farms of Brazil (Ipanema Coffees) and Colombia, to the Central American countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, all the way to Ethiopia, Kenya and to the most remote places of Uganda and Congo.



The unique origins of our coffees, the flavors of each variety, as well as the right process, compose a very special coffee suggestion.


Right from the start, we wanted to provide the Greek market with top quality espresso coffee. What we’ve always sought is authentic, certified coffee through a non-intermediary market, sourced straight from the farm.

And – believe us – it took thousands of cupping tests to make the Ipanema farm our definitive choice.

And our story justified!