Final destination, a unique cup of coffee

The unique origins of our coffees, the flavors of each variety, as well as the right process, compose a very special coffee suggestion.

Aiming for a flavor that will travel your mind, Ofellia Coffees carefully select their origins, with attention to every step along the way, seeking unique results.

A unique coffee suggestion

By strictly pick raw materials, we are eager to offer the ultimate coffee suggestion. Our goal is to identify the brand name “Ofellia” with the best quality coffee standard. With every single cup of coffee, we seek to offer an enjoyable favor, by investing in both the origin and the most suitable process for each variety.

ofellia coffees μονοποικιλιακοί καφέδες



Coffee is an integral part of the history of Brazil. The plant, originated from Ethiopia, first arrived in Brazil by French colonists in the 18th century.


Costa Rica

Coffee is established in Costa Rica since the early 18th century. Arabica variety were first developed in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, where the ideal cultivation conditions – including the fertile soil, the high altitude combined with the cold climate – contributed to the success of coffee growing in the country.



Arabica variety has always thrived in the wild forests of Kafa highlands. It is worth to mention that “Kafa” is the origin for the Latin word for coffee. Citrus, bergamot, even tropical fruits that can be detected in all the Ethiopian coffee varieties, depending on the process they have been through.



Colombian coffee is often considered as one of the highest quality coffees in the world. Colombia, traditionally cultivates Arabica origin seeds, due to the unique geographical position which makes the country ideal for producing high-quality coffee. Since the late 1950s, Colombian coffee has managed to emerge as a rather remarkable and well-known coffee. Colombia has traditionally been the world’s second largest producer of coffee, right after Brazil.

Kawa Coffees

For us, the search for the best
coffee never ends.

We make sure to give you an honest
evaluation and review of our coffee’s flavor
potential, roasting the coffee beans with diverse
profiles, prioritizing taste over color and delivering
the coffee within just a few days from roasting to
ensure freshness.


We are creative and simply passionate about coffee.

What more does it take for a truly outstanding cup?


From the South American farms of Brazil (Ipanema Coffees) and Colombia, to the Central American countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, all the way to Ethiopia, Kenya and to the most remote places of Uganda and Congo.


Right from the start, we wanted to provide the Greek market with top quality espresso coffee.What we’ve always sought is authentic, certified coffee through a non-intermediary market, sourced straight from the farm.

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