Our coffee, as we like it!

All our Utopia coffees – from the initial picking of green coffee beans, throughout transport, roasting and down to packaging materials – have been very carefully chosen  by our team at Kawacom Hellas, taking into account both the Greek/Cypriot and worldwide coffee trends  & taste profiles of high-end coffee blends.

Our Utopia coffees come as a result of direct trade collaborations between Kawacom Hellas and specific handpicked by us coffee farms. All coffees come straight to Athens with out any middlemen.

For our Utopia coffees we use a medium roast (city+). We also roast each variety separately and then blend them together and use only 1kg bags with a special degas valve.

For our Utopia coffees we chose specific Arabica varieties from Latin America and Africa. Our Latin America coffees are natural processed and chosen for their fruity and sweet acidity.

The central African coffees are a combination of washed and natural methods giving our blends strong & clear notes of chocolate and nuts.

All of the above, give our Utopia Coffees the perfect stability and make them very easy to use on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, the ‘right-choice’ for your Utopia Coffee lies with your distinct taste profile, your consumer target group and your specific ‘coffee-art’ (knowledge, cleanliness and attention) you want to devote towards making your own coffee.


Utopia Coffees


Utopia 100% Arabica
A unique, delicate coffee made only from the finest Arabica beans from Latin America.
Its sweet aftertaste is very balanced, leaving a rich, silky feeling and a fruity aftertaste.


Utopia 9
The best Latin American and African coffees are mixed to create an elegant, perfectly balanced espresso experience.


Utopia Strong
The fine aromas of the Arabica variety and the strong taste of Robusta in a harmonic blend from Latin America and Africa for the most intense espresso experience. A remarkably balanced coffee with strong characteristics.

Its rich, intense bitter body leaves a persistent finish with a unique aftertaste of chocolate and dried nuts.


Utopia Red
A delightful and memorable espresso, Utopia Crema is ideal for a balanced, fully coffee experience!

utopia decaf

Utopia Decaf
Utopia is a unique delicate estate espresso with both the complexity and profile to stand on its own. It is a sweet-toned, yet rich with a silky mouth feel. The finish is clean, fruity and well-balanced. Caffeine free.

Kawa Coffees

For us, the search for the best
coffee never ends.

We make sure to give you an honest evaluation and
review of our coffee’s flavor potential, roasting the coffee
beans with diverse profiles, prioritizing taste over color and
delivering the coffee within just a few days from roasting to
ensure freshness.


From the South American farms of Brazil (Ipanema Coffees) and Colombia, to the Central American countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, all the way to Ethiopia, Kenya and to the most remote places of Uganda and Congo.



The unique origins of our coffees, the flavors of each variety, as well as the right process, compose a very special coffee suggestion.


Right from the start, we wanted to provide the Greek market with top quality espresso coffee.What we’ve always sought is authentic, certified coffee through a non-intermediary market, sourced straight from the farm.

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