Utopia Espresso


Utopia 100% Arabica
A unique, delicate coffee made only from the finest Arabica beans from Latin America.
Its sweet aftertaste is very balanced, leaving a rich, silky feeling and a fruity aftertaste.


Utopia 9
The best Latin American and African coffees are mixed to create an elegant, perfectly balanced espresso experience.


Utopia Strong
The fine aromas of the Arabica variety and the strong taste of Robusta in a harmonic blend from Latin America and Africa for the most intense espresso experience. A remarkably balanced coffee with strong characteristics. Its rich, intense bitter body leaves a persistent finish with a unique aftertaste of chocolate and dried nuts.


Utopia Red
A delightful and memorable espresso, Utopia.

utopia decaf

Utopia Decaf
Utopia is a unique delicate estate espresso with both the complexity and profile to stand on its own. It is a sweet-toned, yet rich with a silky mouth feel. The finish is clean, fruity and well-balanced. Caffeine free.