El Danubio Colombia 250gr Bean


Chocolate, mint & cherries, with a smooth hint of plums & citrus fruits and a honey aftertast.

Variety: Cattura

Altitude: 1850m

Process: Wet process

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Thanks to the long-lasting relationships we have developed with farmers, we have the distinct advantage to buy fresh, sustainable coffee directly (often exclusively) from selected farms.

From the South American farms of Brazil (Ipanema Coffees) and Colombia, to the Central American countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, all the way to Ethiopia, Kenya and to the most remote places of Uganda and Congo.


Once we bring our coffees all across the world to Greece, we make sure they are tested thoroughly before roasting, resting and handling them carefully in our closely monitored microclimate warehouses.

We then combine our great expertise and sophisticated technology with intensive quality control and multiple cupping evaluations to ensure every batch of coffee that leaves our warehouse is extraordinary.

We make sure to give you a honest evaluation and review of our coffee’s flavor potential, roasting the coffee beans with diverse profiles, prioritizing taste over color and delivering the coffee within just a few days from roasting to ensure freshness.