Utopia Espresso Beans 250gr


Utopia is a unique delicate estate espresso with both the complexity and profile to stand on its own. It is a sweet-toned, yet rich with a silky mouth feel. The finish is clean, fruity and well-ballanced.

Ingredients: Coffee beans.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

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All our Utopia coffees from the initial picking of green coffee beans, throughout transport, roasting and down to packaging materials, have been very carefully chosen by our team at Kawacom Hellas, taking into account both the Greek/Cypriot and worldwide coffee trends and taste profiles of high-end coffee blends.

Our Utopia coffees come as a result of direct trade collaborations between Kawacom Hellas and specific handpicked by us coffee farms. All coffees come straight to Athens with out any middlemen.

For our Utopia coffees we chose specific Arabica varieties from Latin America and Africa. Our Latin America coffees are natural processed and chosen for their fruity and sweet acidity.

The central African coffees are a combination of washed and natural methods giving our blends strong & clear notes of chocolate and nuts.

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