Chemex 8 cups


The 8-cup Chemex with wooden collar is a heat-resistant made of glass coffeemaker. You can brew up to 8 cups of 150ml filter coffee. It uses the Chemex Square Paper filters.

It can be dishwashed after removing the wooden collar.

Capacity: 1200ml

Diameter: 13 cm

Height: 23 cm

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The Chemex coffemaker consists of a hourglass shape glass, a leather tie, and a wooden handle, which works as a thermal insulator. It is very simple to operate and very elegant, ideal for coffee extraction with rich body and pure taste.

The Chemex CM-8A uses the Chemex Square Filters.



Conical shape for balanced extraction and ease of use
Large spout for smooth flow of coffee
Non-porus Borosilicate glass for preventing the absorption of odors or chemical residues, and for easy cleaning
Polished wooden handle for safe use when the coffee is hot
Capacity 1200ml

Chemex Brewing Method