Felicita Arc Scale


Felicita Arc scale has a build in timer and switches off automatically to save battery life. It reads in grams incrementing per 0.1g. It can be connected via Bluetooth 4.0 to iPhone 4s iOS or later, and Android 4.3+. A charging cable, a protective rubber case, and a 100g tape measure for calibration are included. It has a maximum capacity of 4kg.

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Category: SKU: ΑCC-ΕSΡ-ΖΥG-001


Felicita Arc is definitely the ultimate espresso scale!

With accuracy up to 0.1g, total capacity of 2000g and built-in timer, you can be sure that your coffee will be perfect every time! Its advantage is that it is large enough to fit a portafilter and small enough to fit in the tray of espresso machine. Felicita Arc can be connected to a smart phone or iPad via Bluetooth.

It has several options, such as auto tare, auto start and stop timer.  The package includes USB cable, 100g weight for calibration of the scale, heat resistant pad, and user manual.